Key Contacts

Brad Gans, President

Brad Gans

President & Sr. Land Agent


Brad has been a land agent for the past 12 years working on numerous projects throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  He started his career working in Calgary, Alberta for two different multi-national oil companies before returning to Saskatchewan to start his land career.  Over the years he has gained valuable experience working across multiple industries and more recently in-house at a private oil and gas company before becoming a business owner.  Brad grew up in rural Southwest Saskatchewan but has lived abroad and travelled to many parts of the world giving him a unique perspective in the land industry.  As the Treasurer of the IRWA’s Chapter 79, he is rapidly working towards his SR/WA designation. 


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Mackenzie Bacsu

Administration Team Lead & Sr. Land Admin

Mackenzie has been working in the land industry for over 10 years focusing on small and large-scale projects throughout Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  She has completed her Petroleum Land Administration Certificate and is currently working towards her North American Land Administration Surface Certificate.  As the proud mom of 2 boys, she spends most of her time at numerous kid’s activities, camping, or planning the next family trip.



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Mackenzie Bacsu, Sr. Land Admin